Caves Santa Marta
Vinhos e Derivados, Crl
Apartado 50
5031 – 909
Santa Marta De Penaguião

Tel.: +351 254 810 313
Fax: + 351 254 810

Caves Santa Marta

Caves Santa Marta, Vinhos e Derivados, CRL - is a company with 50 years of history, located in Santa Marta de Penaguião, right in the heart of the Douro Region. This Douro municipality, "Land Penaguião" was one of the first to belong to the first Pombaline demarcation ordered by Royal Charter 1756, for the fine wines of feitoria. Two centuries later, a group of winemakers unhappy with the reality of regional viticulture, and because they believed that the cooperative would be the best way to promote the main product of its activities - the wine, founded the Adega Cooperativa de Santa Marta in 1959. In the following year, are also created in the county wineries cooperatives Cumieira and Medrões. In the 70s the three wineries join commercially to definitely merge in 1987, giving rise to known Caves Santa Marta.
In 1998, the winery business Caves Santa Marta, was the first cooperative to get a vintage, the 1998 Vintage Port. In 2001 it was considered the Best Cooperative Winery of the Year.