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Quinta dos Avidagos

The first Quinta is in the family since 1670. Today there are 4 Quintas, with around 80 hectares altogether: Além Tanha, Avidagos, Torrão and Varanda. The tradition was always to sell the grapes to the port wine Houses but, from the decade of 90, this scenario was reversed. In 1996 the first trials to begin production at Quinta dos Avidagos, started. Belonging to the family Nunes de Matos, 5 km from Régua in the Douro region, we find four Quintas with vineyards. The oldest is the Quinta da Varanda acquired in 1685 by the family and is also one of the oldest in the region. In 1730, one of the children of the House married, and as a tradition the bride brought dowry, so Quinta do Torrão came to the family. Quinta da Fírvida and Além Tanha were bought in 1940, while Quinta dos Avidagos, where is the main house, and the current warehouses was acquired in 1978. The family Nunes de Matos is also a founding partner of the Douro Museum.