Rua De S. Caetano, 95,
5040-494 Vilamarim, Mesão Frio
Telf: +351 962 957 864

Quinta de Mosteirô

Mission: Using the grapes exclusively produced in our vineyards in the Douro Demarcated Region (Baixo Corgo), the philosophy adopted, since the activity was exploited by its predecessor, is based respecting sustainable development viticulture, with the ultimate purpose of producing distinctive and quality wines. Values: The cultivation of the vineyard is done respecting the characteristics of the soil in order to promote sustainable agriculture. By adopting sustainable farming methods, along with many other precautions with which we grow our vineyards, results in the production of high quality grapes. We also play an active role in protecting and restoring the diversity of indigenous grape varieties in the Douro Demarcated Region. More than two dozen vine varieties recommended by the official bodies for the production of Port and DOC Douro wines were selected, including ancient varieties (some already mentioned in the 16th century) and very little used (or in extinction) perfectly suited to terroir and high quality wine making. The recognition of this bet has been the prizes collected in several prestigious contests. Our vision is to continue to produce distinctive DNA wines, trying to meet the expectations of your market.