Vale da Veiga - Douro Wines
Quinta de N. Sra do Amparo
EN 222, 5150-645
Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal

Contact person: Manuel Gouveia
Phone: (+351) 912 852 110

Vale da Veiga

"Vale da Veiga" lies in the Douro river banks, where the landscape is dominated by the geometry of vineyards and terraces in shale slopes.

Here, man's strength joined the hand of God, and together shaped this beautiful land that is the recognized cradle of some of the best Douro Superior wines.

Our century-old vineyards are grown in schist soils with full respect for the nature and environment, allowing a balanced production and optimal extraction of the potential of each grape variety.

The large differences in altitude, the schist soils and a microclimate with extreme temperature variations, allow us to obtain grapes of excellent characteristics and a unique terroir.

We produce high quality wines in Douro Superior, exclusively from a careful selection of grapes from our vineyards that are used to produce the best Port wines.