Caminho da Herdade, 60,
5310-570 São João da Pesqueira

Contact person: Pedro Tamagnini
Telf: +351 939 755 252

Quinta da Cismeira

Quinta da Cismeira is a family-owned wine producer with background related to winemaking that dates back to more than a century. Coming from the vineyards that were the main source of yield to the support and education of the family, situation that covered some generations, taking over that role the grandsons and great grandsons. Located in the heart of the Douro, in S. João da Pesqueira, the vineyards occupy an area of more than 40 hectares fully mechanized, which favors the treatments and the evolution of the vineyards. Most of the vineyards are located on terraces/ levels due to the terrain’s orography, ensuring better soil conservation and erosion control. It was our fearless predecessors who shaped the cliffs and gave new life to uncultivated lands with the implantation of the noblest grape varieties in the region for the production of DOC Douro wines. To this end we give our best every day, combining the knowledge of generations with a great passion for wine.