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5120 -82, Tabuaço

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PNC | Parceiros na Criação

PNC is the company's acronym partners In creation, but are also in initials of the surnames of the young couple Joana Pratas and João Nápoles de Carvalho, parteners in the creation of a new project for the prodution and marketing of wines and oil. Family Douro and heart, João Nápoles de Carvalho has always had a special foudness for the region. He lived part of his childhood in the farme, Tabuaço municipality, having returned to the Douro to attend Land managemend at the University of Vila Real and take over the managemend and the father farme of the production, which takes place from 1996. The taste of the land and the desire to give continued the family legacy made him awaken to their true vocation: agriculture. Together with his wife- who to marry, left Lisbon and headed to the Douro, launching a new professional challenge as a consultant wine in communications and public relations. Thought it would be the perfect time to " make like the finger" and pass the grape production and oilive production and marketing of wine and olive oil. And thus was born this family project.