In Vino - Sociedade Agrícola Lda
Avenida da República nº30 - 7ºEsquerdo
Avenidas Novas
1050 - 193 Lisboa

Phone: +351 254 821 152
Mobile: +351 932 456 261

In Vino (Bom Viver)

IN VINO is a family owned business dedicated to the production of high quality wines from the Douro region. The Neves Ferreira siblings have a strong connection to their estate, Quinta do Espinho, which has belonged to the family for six generations. It is located in Santa Marta de Penaguião over the Bom Viver (‘Good Living’) place. Since they took over the management they have been fully dedicated to developing the estate and the Bom Viver brand. Bom Viver wines are produced solely with the indigenous grape varieties and with the traditional methods, like hand harvest, foot treading and fermentation in old granite “lagares”. Bom Viver Red 2011 was the first vintage presented to the Market and it immediately conquered a lot of interest. We wish to conquer yours!