Coimbra de Mattos, Lda
Rua da Calçada n.º 65
5050-042 Galafura

Contact person: Rui Meireles
Phone: +351 965 519 991

Coimbra de Mattos

The agricultural society Coimbra de Mattos, Lda., with a long tradition in the quality wines production, where the taste for vine and wine culture is passed from generation into generation, has 55 hectares of vineyards implanted in the Douro Region (Galafura - Peso da Régua). It also has a museum of wine parts "Cellar of Giestas Negras", housed in an old cellar of the XVI century, recently renovated. Built in 1575, according to the date engraved on the door lintel, has two mills and a vat schist, probably unique in the Iberian Peninsula, and some rare pieces, of which highlights a press with about 8 feet long, chestnut wood, with more than 300 years old, that has served to "crush the grapes."