NERVIR – Business Association organized a visit of Opinion Makers and Wine Importers to some wineries included within the Soul Wines – Wines with Soul, a common project of internationalization promoted by NERVIR and that gathered 5 Opinion Makers/Importers from Europe, 2 from Germany, 1 from Poland and two non-European from the United States of America and China:
- Philip Kampe from the United States of America, a wine journalist from Wine Hub and Chilled Magazine, member of Wine Media Guild. He also cooperates with Wine Entusiast online, Beverage Media, Berkshire Beacon, Luxury Web and The Tasting Panel.
- Axel Probst from Germany, invited professor of two of the top wine universities in Germany, Geisenheim and Heilbron. He writes wine articles for Journals and magazines, namely WeinWisser, Weinwirtschaft and wein.pur, as well as for Fine Wine Magazine in the UK. He is also the leading organizer and speaker of numerous sessions of presentation of Porto and Douro wines, such as Prowein, one of the major wine fairs in the world. He has recently published the book "Portwein", a prominent work in German language about the Wine of Porto.
- Still from Germany Andre Hartmann, from the company Vinho Iberico was also present, an importer owner of several wine shops in Berlin.
- Wenya Chen from China, a wine importer from Beijing Yqfuli E-commerce Co. Ltd, responsible for the identification and selection of new wines.
- Finally, Piotr Wolkowski from Poland, a blogger and wine connaisseur of Portuguese wines and with which he will most certainly work in the near future. His blog has been appointed by Czas Wina magazine as one of the best blogs.
The Opinion Makers have great importance and influence on buyers, since their vision is seen as a specialized and impartial view, thus, reliable for end consumers. The main purpose of this visit was to increase the Portuguese wines/wineries awareness and attract new customers from foreign markets.
This visit took five days and gathered thirteen wine producers of Douro DOC and Porto Wine, whom provided a unique experience to this group of Opinion Makers/Importers, namely: Vitavitis Unipessoal Lda, Quinta da Rede Sociedade Agrícola Lda, PNC | Parceiros na Criação, D'Origem Wines, Sobredos Lda, Maria Helena de Sousa Alves, Adega Cooperativa de Sabrosa, C.R.L, Mário Braga, Herdeiros, Mss Douro Wine & Gourmet Products Lda, Coimbra de Mattos, Lda, José António Fonseca Augusto Guedes Unipessoal, Lda., Quinta de Santa Eufémia and Domingos Alves de Sousa.
Through the visits, the Opinion Makers/Importers had the chance to express their admiration for the wineries they visited, enhancing their uniqueness and family’s legacy as well. Each visit was indeed a surprise and the wines offered during the tastings were the huge asset of this event, due to the immediate recognition of their great quality, combined with the history of each one, hence contributing to the awareness of these wines within the external markets.