Business Mission to Poland 01-04 June 2016
Business mission to Poland, in the dates 1 to 4 of June 2016, was the first mission realized under the Network Project for Internationalization SOUL WINES – Wines with Soul, by NERVIR. The main objective of this Network Project is the empowerment of SME’s producers and exporters of wine from Douro region, beneficiaries of this project, to external markets, throught specific promotional activities of the national offer in foreign markets helping to increase the competitiveness of Portuguese companies in the sector.

This business mission had the participation of 14 companies producers of wine from Douro region.

The group of participating companies presented in the Polish market as representatives of the brand SOUL WINES - Wines with Soul.

The business mission program had a special focus on B2B meetings, which were held in the Hemisphere Room at the Intercontinental Hotel, where the show and tasting of wines also occurred. The dynamic created in the room was similar to a Wine Fair, where importers, distributors, press, bloggers, sommeliers guests could taste the wines while they knew the producing company.

Were also carried out visits to specialty stores, to identify and meet the diversity of the offer, the segments offered in different retail chains - specialty stores, supermarkets and large retail chains. Direct contact with the current supply in the market allowed the participants perceive the proper positioning of its wines as well as the pricing policy on the market.