Business Mission to Germany ( Cologne and Dusseldorf )
15 – 18 January 2017
From 15 to 18 January 2017 , the business mission to german cities Cologne and Dusseldorf, within the framework of the joint Internationalization project SOUL WINES, which was attended by 15 wine producers from the Douro region.

In the context of the business mission, the highlight was the wine tasting event held on January 16th at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst am Dom in Cologne. The wine tasting event has registered more than 100 visitors between 14:00 pm and 7:00 pm, including importers / distributors, retailers, sommeliers, hotels and restaurants and some press. This event was also visited by the AICEP delegate in Germany, Dr. Pedro Macedo Leão.

Before the wine tasting, and in the morning of the 16th, a seminar was held for the presentation of the German market by Dr. Matthias Meichsner, technician at the AICEP delegation in Berlin.

The following two days were dedicated to visits to distributors' stores, and meeting with a journalist / blogger Axel Probst, an influent in the wine sector and recognized as an expert on the wines of Porto and Douro.

Also worthy of mention is the organization of a lunch on the last day of the mission at the D'Vine Restaurant in Dusseldorf, owned by Antonios Askitis, a well-known Sommelier in the German market, having won the Best Sommelier 2016 award in Germany. Antonios Askitis lunched with the Soul Wines group and tasted their wines having been very impressed by their excellent quality.