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Quinta do Mourão

Established in 1999, the Mário Braga, Herdeiros organization, has been developing a project which has as its set of states revolving around Quinta do Mourão.
These estates, which are referred to, since the 18th century, in the map of the demarked region of Douro, are integrated in the winemaking heritage allying tradition to modernity.
The states, which integrate this project, have around 120 acres and are situated between the High and Low Corgo River region, constituted by new vines (between 12 and 18 years old) and old vines (more than 30 years old)In the last few years, the Quinta do Mourão project has been undergoing profound changes, which rises from rearranging the vineyard till the modernization of wine making process (building a new cellar equipped with appropriate technology and stainless steal tanks and vats to the productions of Porto wines and DOC Douro). The last mentioned go through aging process in French oak barrels and some of the generous wines have been stocked through the years in wooden barrels constituting now a patrimony of generous old wines.

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