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Winemaking: Vinification occurred from the third week to the end of September. Maturation was checked during August and September. The freshly-picked grapes are immediately processed, thereby inhibiting high phenolic extraction.
The grapes are picked by hand and arrive in the wine making area in 20Kg plastic trays.
Vinification occurred in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 25ºC to 28ºC in order to extact fruit primary aromas and round sweet tannins.
Malolactic Fermentation occurred in new French oak barrel in November.
The wine aged for a period of 18 months in new oak French barrels. Also aged in bottle for a period of 12 months.
Varieties: Monte São Sebastião Grand Reserve Red, results from a blend of Touriga Nacional and Touriga Franca.

Alcohol vol.: 15.00%

Produtor: Monte São Sebastião
Tipologia: Red